A friend supporting integration and language learning

In Friend for an immigrant mum -work, a migrated mother meets a volunteer friend trained by Mannerheim League of Child Welfare (MLL). The new friends get to know each other through various mutual activities, while the migrant mother gets a good opportunity to use and rehearse finnish language.


  • alleviates loneliness
  • helps integration to a new country
  • supports the learning of a new language
  • serves as an introduction to a new culture

What the work is in practice?

The purpose is to form new friendships between migrant and finnish mothers, where participants meet each other in as natural and everyday situations and environments as possible. Significant others and offspring may participate aswell. As an example, time may be spent in each others homes, local parks, walks, shopping trips or library visits. 

The aim is finding a close living friend for each immigrant mother, who might also share common hobbies, interests or similar life situations. Each friendship starts with a meeting between 
the immigrant mother, a volunteered friend candidate and a coordinator from MLL.

How to meet your own volunteer friend?

By contacting the local MLL coordinator, or by filling a form found on the website. Contact information can be found below.

How to volunteer?

Volunteer friends are your usual, trustworthy women, who are interested in meeting new people and sharing their time with an immigrated mother. MLL organizes training sessions for volunteers.

For more information about Friend for an immigrant mum -work, contact your local coordinator:

Suvi Laajarinne koordinaattori 040 750 4112 suvi.laajarinne@mll.fi
Heta Jurvanen koordinaattori 040 087 3603 heta.jurvanen@mll.fi

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